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SUP boot camp

SUP exercise is the latest craze to hit the fitness world. And all for the right reasons. It is exceptionally good for the core, improves balance, concentration and strength. Not only is it good for your body, it is good for your soul. With the gentle movement of the water and sunrise over the Cairns skyline, you can't help but relax. 

When you combine sup practice with the natural elements of sun, water and fresh air, you get the added benefits nature provides. Due to the unstable platform, it enables advanced core strength, increasing the challenge of the traditional yoga moves. And....It's FUN!!!


Your SUP instructor can tell you first hand how Stand Up Paddle Boarding has help her transform her body from. Increased her own body strength, confidence, stamina and fitness level to all time high. Being outdoors brings a entire new desire to keep fit and strong.

1 hr SUP Training then finish with a nice relaxing 10 min meditation. 10 week program

Please phone for bookings

$150 for 10 weeks 5.30am start



Workshops & group bookings 

Large group bookings for any activity will be held at Lake Tinaroo as there are 3 sites that can be used for a large booking.

Large bookings can include:


Hens Parties

Breaking down Barriers in the workplace

School groups

International groups

Camping Groups

Boot Camp

Please phone for bookings and further information

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