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It's Mother's Day. Oh Mama!

I can't think of anything more rewarding than being a parent. OK, so you don't sleep, they drive you nuts, its a constant battle to clean up after them, they give you attitude (age 3!)... Sorry, where was I going with this? Ah, yes. We love it, right? Well at least we appreciate our own parents more!!

Since my bub was big enough not to slip out of her life jacket, shes been riding the rivers and tides with me. Stand up paddle is so much fun, so easy and it can be enjoyed by the whole family. But it's the best when its just you. The freedom. The peace. Time to simply.... breathe.

We have gift certificates available for tours, lessons and hire, monetary values to spend in store, or just buy her a paddle board.... Why not? She deserves it ;o)

Order your BIC Sport Wahine Performer package now (includes paddle and leg rope) for $1349 in time for Mother Day.

Also Available is the BIC sport Ace Tec package deal (includes paddle and leggie) $1249.

Come on in and have a chat with us to organise gift certificates, book tours, and see our whole range of SUP boards, accessories and clothing.

Shop 20 Oceana Walk Arcade

62 Grafton Street

Cairns City


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