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SUP Yoga is coming to iconic Cairns Lagoon

What'SUP Cairns has joined forces with The Yoga Hub Cairns to bring you all the joys of Yoga- on a padddleboard!

SUP Yoga is the latest challenge being taken on by fitness enthusiasts, yogi's and paddleboarders alike. It is exceptionally good for your core, improves balance, concentration and strength. Not only is it good for you body, it's good for your soul! With the gentle movement of the water and sunrise over the Cairns skyline you can't help but relax.

When you combine yoga practice with the natural elements of sun, water and fresh air, you get all the added benefits nature provides. Due to the unstable platform, it enables advanced core strength, increasing the challenge of the traditional yoga moves. And.... Its just FUN!!!!!

Anyone can take part. You do not have to be an experienced yogi. Come and start your yoga journey here. We have connected with the Yoga Hub Cairns to bring you Cairns finest yoga teachers. They are skilled in teaching all levels so everyone is welcome.

Sessions will commence in mid-June, so watch our Facebook page for announcements or contact us now to pre-book your spot.

Ph: 1300889957

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