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Stinger ding ding!!

The stinger season is upon us once more!! Living anywhere north of Agnes Waters during the wet season leaves us all petrified of these little murderous blobs beneath the waves. Box Jellyfish tentacles range from 10cm to 3 metres long and pack a punch that can kill an adult in 3 minutes. As the most venomous animal in the world, it’s no wonder so many people refuse to enter the water during these hairy months of the wet season. But fear not my SUPtastic chums- something as simple as long sleeves and pantyhose provide enough protection from the nematocysts (pointy bits on the tentacles that cause the ouchies). So something as protective (if not so attractive) as a specially designed stinger suit can keep you safe and still enjoying the lovely warm water! Stinger suits are available for purchase from What'SUP Cairns, starting from $59.99 and for hire throughout the wet season so… no excuses! SUP it up all year round…. Now where did I put my croc suit?

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