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Exciting times ahead

While the stingers have been rife and wind has continued to blow, our paddling has been limited. But alas, the dry season is nearly upon us and once more we can venture out into the wonders of the ocean. For now we are just loving our spectacular river in the rainforest, where we can SUP to our hearts content!!!

On other matters.... It is with great excitment (and trepidation) that we open our first ever shop! Having always been the shopper and never the "shopee" there is much for us young Jedi's to learn. But, oh, the fun of selecting just the right paddleboards, and paddles, and accessories, and rashies, and boardies, and bikinis..... Wow. This takes my shopaholic tendancies to a whole new level. We are located in the Oceana Walk Arcade that links Grafton St to Lake St in the Cairns CBD. There has been an amazing welcome from our fellow Oceana shop dwellers. There is everything you need here: coffee, food, nik naks, arts and crafts, gifts, clothing, waxing (!), records, guitar repairs, toys.... this is a magical arcade. Pop in and see our range of SUP boards, acessories, clothing and sunnies.... or just come in for a chat. We like chatting.

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